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Little Acres Farm


Being family owned, Little Acres Farms is always expanding and creating new ways to help the local economy. Twenty years ago when we decided to start a small hobby farm in the Bighorn Basin we found a hidden little piece of property and knew this was where we wanted to be. We purchased a Holstein milk cow and we were good to go! (or so we thought!) That cow was the most stubborn, wild, and craziest of all milk cows. We never got one drop of milk from her! But as they say that is history. We now milk 12+ cows. We started selling milk back when we had to do cow shares. We have since grown from there and with the changing laws we were able to sell more directly to our customers. Our little farm is still small but full of heart. As our children have grown so have our experiences. We now have chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese. Our cow herd continues to grow and we seem to always have a few pigs roaming around!

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